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Edward Chibueze Mbanasor, a 24-year old hit-and-run survivor, created Legacy Means Everything in 2016, focussing on self-development and self-improvement for young adults. Edward finally woke up with a zeal for self-growth and living a fulfilling life of no regrets, and encouraging his fellow young people to do the same, after a second painful rejection from medical school and finally realising the responsibility placed on his shoulders after having his life spared twice as a child. He discovered his true mission and mentally withdrew from the box-ticking monotony of modern society and chasing fleeting outcomes. He stopped worshipping perfectionism and A-grades and committed himself to the process. In 2017, he achieved his childhood dream of gaining a place at medical school after 4 attempts. While Edward does not claim to be a master at life, he hopes his work, insights and life's lessons so far will empower young people to find their true purpose, overcome fear of failure and procrastination and boost their self-confidence so that they can live a life that even their haters would be proud of.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Take Action Consistently To Reach Your Goals

    Most people struggle with consistency when trying to achieve their goals which may cause them to lose momentum and eventually give up entirely. In this episode of Take Action Early, I give three reasons why you're not taking action consistently and suggest solutions you can implement immediately to take control ...


  2. Is Where You Focus Your Energy Building You Up As A Young Adult?

    What most young people don't seem to realise is that energy is an asset that diminishes with age. Just like time energy is limited and should not be taken for granted. Therefore, it's crucial that young people are careful with where they transfer their energy, to ensure that they get ...


  3. Develop Your Confidence To Say NO Without Feeling Guilty

    Most people find it difficult to say NO to other people's demands and feel obliged to say YES even though deep down they don't want to. This is partly due to society's erroneous teaching that being selfish is always a bad thing. In this episode of Take Action Early I ...


  4. Choose What You're Conditioned By Wisely

    Nobody exists as an island, a lot of our behaviours are influenced by how the environment we're in conditions us. In this episode of Take Action Early I discuss the importance of choosing your conditioning environment wisely. I also suggest ways that young adults can take advantage of the conditioning ...


  5. Introducing The Take Action Early Podcast: It's Never Too Early To Start Leaving Your Mark

    When you're young and full of energy urgency with your actions is a must. Delaying could haunt you later on in life. Use your young adulthood to increase the number of choices you have in your older adulthood. In this first episode of Take Action Early, I give insight into ...